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Why do you need to work remotely to avoid the Coronavirus spread?

Like many others, you may have questions about how we avoid the Coronavirus spread. And one of those questions may have to do with how the virus is able to spread. The coronavirus is spreading so quickly due partially to an interesting quirk of the virus. A two week incubation period. To avoid Coronavirus spread, there’s no permanent solution invented unless social awareness. As no vaccine made for this dangerous virus, we need to stop it’s spread.

During this period the infected person will show no symptoms and will feel fine. Yet, they are able to infect people for at least part of this incubation period.

Why does it call Coronavirus?

The term coronavirus applies to any virus that attacks the respiratory system. If you view Coronavirus through a microscope a bright ring can see around the outer rim of the virus. That looks like a crown or corona. That’s why it calls Coronavirus.

avoid the Coronavirus spread, dbuggers

How Coronavirus Spread?

  • Person to Person
  • Contaminated surfaces or objects
  • Community spread

How Remote Work Stops Coronavirus:

As you already know that Big tech companies are asking more employees to work from home. As the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. While many companies have asked employees in certain cities to work from home. Or tested out large scale work from home measures. Google was among the first to ask that employees throughout the continent do so.

Google on Tuesday asked North American employees to work from home. Amazon said to CNN, “We continue to work closely with public and private medical experts to ensure we are taking the right precautions as the situation continues to evolve”. Same as Facebook and Twitter have updated its work from the policy. Facebook, Twitter has implemented remote working policies. For many or all their employees around the globe.

avoid the Coronavirus spread

We know how busy these tech companies are. But they take these steps to avoid the coronavirus spread. Because still, no permanent treatment invented yet. We know how busy these tech companies are. But they take these steps to avoid the coronavirus spread. Because still, no permanent treatment invented yet. We know that we can’t do all the work from home. But as we can’t control this virus it’s a good idea to stop it’s spreading.

Practical Tips to Stay Safe:

  • Practice good hand hygiene and minimize how often you touch your face.
  • Avoid touching surfaces with fingertips.
  • Grab a tissue.
  • Clean your hands before touching your smartphone.


We hope you’ll find this article helpful. Try to work from your home if your company allows it. Feel free to message us anytime if you have any questions regarding this article.

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