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Website Legal Requirements Policies

Website legal requirements and policies are like eating your vegetables. You know they’re good for you, but you don’t always enjoy them.  Because let’s face it, even lawyers can find legal research a little boring. Therefore, we have put this guide together to help you out a little. Even though we are not attorneys and we must disclose that. We however are especially relevant experts in website development.

Therefore, we want to help you with some basic tips. Please consult your legal counsel for more depth information if you need it. Some forms need to be on the website itself as a basic umbrella of protection. Others need to be on the site for privacy and security reasons. Forms like Articles of your business and tax or government forms filed in your office. They do not belong anywhere not online. Click here if you are looking for Website Bookkeeping tips and tools.

Website Legal Requirements – Basic types of business

Most small firms and websites are just this. If you have not prepared proper forms, you default to this status. Or a default partnership if you have a partner. The advantage of being a Sole Proprietor is not specifically a lot less messy with forms and government requirements, but the negative is that in issues of legality, both your company and your personal assets are at risk to protect the group against any type of legislation. Therefore, if the company gets a lawsuit, so do you. Consider getting out of Sole Proprietor status as your company grows or you own multiple companies/assets

Like a sole proprietorship in many ways. The exception is that there is more than one person responsible for the company, its assets, and its debts. Both your company and all of the partner’s assets are at risk. Consider getting out of partnership status as your firm grows or if any partner owns multiple companies/assets.

The next step up but not allowed in all countries. A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) offers the benefit of separating the person from the company. As a result of this, your personal home, cars, banking account, and personal assets are not at risk. Only the companies’ assets are at risk. One bit of extra work will include a note if all your purchases are for the firm or for a single person. An LLC gets a separate tax ID.  Especially relevant is that the taxes are passed on to the individuals.

The individual or partners do not legally own anything. The company owns the property and assets. The Corporation gets a separate tax ID. Hence, each person owns shares of the Corporation. Do not cross personal finance with the corporation. In conclusion, keep all assets completely apart. If you offer personal assets to support the company. Prepare loan documents in the corporation’s name. A good accountant is vital.

Common sense often makes good law.

William O. Douglas

Website Legal Requirements – basic forms

As part of your Website Legal Requirements. Research if these basic forms are needed.

  • Business registration. With a local agency if required.
  • Trademark registration. With a local entity. Again, if required.
  • Copyright registration. Also, check with a local governing entity if required.
  • Company Meeting notes: It is wise to record your first initial meetings, even if it is just with yourself. It is vital because:
    • This helps you in the development of your firm,
    • It answers difficult questions before it becomes a problem.
    • There is also legal precedence that requires it in certain regions.
  • Articles of the Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or Corporation. As required with a governing agency.
  • Employee or sales agreements: If you have employees or salespeople, then you need to have an agreement on compensation. Even if you are the only one, it is still wise to put an agreement together. You can always adjust this agreement as you need to.

Website Legal Requirements – Basic website forms

Here is a list of forms that almost every website needs to have.

  • Terms of Use or Service form. Also called terms and conditions.  The Website Terms of Use is just one of the many legal forms that your website needs. In order to be truly protected from damage due to a legal issue. This form discloses your company’s jurisdiction and website liabilities.
  • Privacy Policy: First of all, privacy policies are used to inform consumers who visit your website. The form discloses:
    • What personal information you are using?
    • How do you intend to use this information?
    • Your policy on protecting your client’s privacy.
    • Privacy policies are also a requirement if you plan on selling anything on your website.
  • Website Refund or Returns Policy: A proper refund or return policy is vital. In place and agreed to:
    • Upon Subscription or registration.
    • When a sale takes place.

Website Legal Requirements – Special forms

There may be special forms that may be required in your field.

  • Location: Since certain licenses or disclosures may be needed based on where you conduct business. Please seek local advice from the proper governing agency.
  • Your products: Since certain licenses or disclosures may be needed to offer your products. Seek local advice from the proper agency.
  • Your own basic needs: Since certain licenses or forms may be needed for your own personal needs.
  • Insurance: Some industries require policies or disclosure to be easily displayed. If you are primarily a web-based firm, you may be required to post these online. Please consult legal counsel or your insurance agent for further questions.


We can help you in developing these forms. Therefore, we have many standard forms to choose from. We offer highly trained staff to answer your questions. You can also live chat with us if you seek more immediate answers.  Please feel free to comment below or contact us if you have any questions.

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