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What Are Some Web Design Mistakes Small Business Owners Make?

Many small business owners have tried to set up websites for their businesses. But without the required knowledge, they are failing badly. Most commercial sites attract less than ten unique visitors daily thereby losing lots of revenue. Many of these small business owners are ignorant of the mistakes they are making. These errors are the cause of their business failure.

In this article, we take a look at the web mistakes made by small business owners. And that cripples their business.

Some Web Design Mistakes small business owners make:

Once I have a website, traffic will come. This philosophy might work well in the movies but not in the internet world. There are as many websites online as we have people living on this planet. A website ranks on the search engines then proper SEO must have done on the site. If not, then it is almost impossible to see. Imagine, a huge mall with over a billion stores, and your store has no sign. Search engines will ignore it and there no way your customers will ever find you.

1. All I need to do is optimize.

No web design company recommends that you let your website sit for a while. Search engine optimization has become a lot more complicated now; it is no longer what it use to be. The competition is stiff. There is no guarantee, even doing all the right optimization may not ensure the sales your business need. Optimization is very vital, but you cannot just stop there.

2. Their website becomes stale.

No visitors will come back to your website if there are no new contents, and the search engines will overlook you if they find out that your website is not updated. If the aim of your website is to generate business, then you must regularly update it. Create and post new articles all the time. Give your visitors the reason always to come back.

3. The site is too busy.

The cost of hiring a professional web design company has gone up recently, so many small business owners try to do all the work by themselves. When potential customers visit the site, they are frustrated by not being able to find what they are looking for quickly and immediately head out of the site and look elsewhere. On the internet, people do not have patience. If they do not find what they are looking for within 15 seconds, they are gone. And maybe forever. So you need a professional to arrange things for you.

4. Site loads too slowly.

This is the 21st century; our patience is extremely short. If we do not get the things we want quickly, we start looking somewhere else. If you have too many images that were not correctly uploaded, they may take too long to load thereby wasting a potential customer’s time, and your customers might go somewhere else. People only wait for about three seconds for your site to load if it does not, they immediately click the back button and go somewhere else.

5. No call to action.

When visitors come to your site, and you do not ask them to buy, they will not buy. Make sure clear buttons are requiring your visitors to do something, especially if you are running a

commercial website. There are some tricks you may use to get something from them like giving them something free and asking for their email in exchange. With which you send periodic newsletters to them with your goods and services asking them to buy.

6. There is no plan.

What is the aim of your website? Many online businesses fail because there is no plan in place. What kind of goods and services are you selling? What group of people need these products and services? How do you reach these people? Is your targetted audience local or international? With all this in mind, you need to decide on how best to promote your site. You may choose to market your site using search engine ads, pay-per-click, and so on. Do not launch a website without a good plan.

7. They do not track the results.

Many tools allow you to track the performance of your website. You need to know how many visitors you have on your site daily, weekly, and monthly. You need to know where they are coming from; you need to know how well your site converts traffic to sales, all this information helps you to know if your website is making you money or costing you. Hire a professional web design company to keep track of this task for you.


Try to avoid these mistakes if you’re running a web design business. We hope this article helps you to learn about why most of the small web design business falls. If you have any questions regarding this article please comment below or message us any time.

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